Pokie Partners Commission Plans

Every month you can earn some cash simply by referring players to play to Pokie Place.

Join the Pokie Partners Affiliate program, just submit your account application and our a member of our Affiliate Team will guide you on how to start making profit from potential leads that you provide using, email campaigns, blogs, direct mail and other channels.

Our affiliates have come to know that we value constant work and effort, through that, they can generate a constant income flow. We have developed several methods to benefit from your affiliation with Pokie Partners from a generous rev-share royalty plan to CPA deals and even a combination of the two for our affiliates. These choices are designed to encourage you to direct high quality traffic our brands.

Profit Share based on Net Revenue

Tier Min Net-rev Max Net-rev Royalty %
1 $0 $15,000 25%
2 $15,001 $30,000 30%
3 $30,000 $50,001 35%
4 $50,001 $100,000 40%
5 $100,001 + 45%

Royalty rates correspondingto Amount of FTDs

Tier Min FTDs Max FTDs Royalty %
1 1 10 25%
2 11 40 30%
3 41 100 35%
4 101 150 40%
5 151 + 45%

Recurring commissions. 100% transparency.

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Rev-Share plans

Pokie Partners offers multiple options to get paid for sending us traffic. The higher the revenue generated by the players you have referred, the bigger your profit share will be.


Payment Options

We understand that with the amount of flexibility afforded to us not everybody will want to be restricted to using a one size fits all method to receive their commissions. Therefore, we have setup a generous variety of options for you to choose from. All payouts are finalised and made on the 15thof every month.


CPA deals

Our CPA plan pays a fixed amount you every time a new player referred by you makes a deposit for the first time. This amount is paid to you regardless of how much revenue is generated by the player. Please be advised that CPA deals are managed and approved on a one on one basis need to meet specific requirements before concluding a contract.