Pokie Partners Promos

We appreciate our affiliate members and comprehend their necessary role to supply players to our site, still we know there is other programs with many similar offers, so what makes Pokie Partners better than our competitors?

There are many attractive rewards by different programs to motivate affiliates to promote their service, but what exactly does a great affiliate member wants?

We consider ourselves very open minded to feedback, in addition we do promos very often to let our members be part on how we promote our products and how we run rewards, for example:


  • Affiliates with the most conversions in a month gets Cash Coupons
  • Top affiliates have the chance for Random prizes
  • If a fixed number of conversions is reached within a month, the maximum commission is awarded
  • A chance of winning fully paid vacations to amazing places
  • And a lot more


So what promos does Pokie Partners have in stored for their new members?

Alchemy Book
Pokie Partners affiliate program new launch promo

Besides our new launch promo feature, our members are welcomed with a great offer to get started with Pokie Partners, which is among the best affiliate programs out there.

Once you register with Pokie Partners, you’ll be able to promote Pokie Place – Australia finest casino and, making lots of profits as well.

Recurring commissions. 100% transparency.

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First Time Depositor (FTD) promo

We offer the chance of earning 60% profit on the first couple of months, 55% on the 3rdand up to 50% on the 4th.

When any member reaches up to 40 FTD’s during the initial month, the 60% profit will carry over to the second month. Another 40 FTD’s on the following month awards 55% profit on the 3rdmonth!

So you will be commissioning 50% profit by the 4thmonth. Once you reached this max profit phase, the commission structure will continue by normal standards which is 45% max.

Promotions FAQ

How to qualify for this?

  • 1st month, 60% profit
  • 2nd month, 50% profit
  • Subsequently, standard commission rate up to 45%

What’s for pre-registered members?

What is the deal for affiliate members that have been advertising for more than 2 years already, they get some incentives too right? Absolutely, there is no doubt about that!

So if you already a member who constantly promotes our brand, reach out to your affiliate account supervisor to find out what options we have to boost up your account income.

What dates does this promotion runs through?

Every new member to join the program between August 1st, 2014 and September 30th, 2014 automatically qualifies for the two months promo.